Eco-friendly pallets: choose what is best for your business!

Eco-friendly pallets: choose what is best for your business!

The use of eco pallets is growing every year, as businesses increasingly focus on sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions for product storage and transportation. While the production of eco-pallets minimizes environmental impact, not all eco-pallets are equally sustainable. Numerous studies have concluded that wooden pallets are one of the greenest choices.

Eco-friendliness of wooden pallets

  • Most wooden pallet types can be repaired, biodegraded, reused, or recycled.
  • The manufacture of wooden pallets produces much less carbon dioxide emissions than plastic pallets.
  • Wood is a naturally renewable resource. Wooden pallets are often made of specially grown trees, low-value wood (which would otherwise be burnt), or recycled pallets. Globally, the production of wooden pallets has a minimal impact on deforestation.
  • Wood is durable and long-lasting. If wooden pallets are no longer suitable for transporting or storing products, they can be used to make other pallets or wooden items, to produce biofuel, mulch or paper. When properly discarded, pallet wood adds nutrients to the soil.
  • Due to their organic nature, wooden pallets are safe for the environment and for storing or transporting goods.

Other benefits of wood pallets

Wood pallets have a lot of other benefits. Both light and heavy-duty wood pallets can hold heavy loads. Some of them can be used many times, others are excellent for one-way transportation.

Wood pallets are not only strong, durable, reliable, and sustainable. They are also easily manufactured and customized. That is why wooden pallets are so popular with businesses that store or transport products of non-standard size, shape, or weight. In many cases, custom made wood pallets help businesses to save on logistics and warehouse services costs.

Because of their versatility, wooden pallets are used in a wide range of industries. Nowadays, wooden pallets are not only popular in logistics and warehouses, but also in interior decoration.

Wooden pallets are low-maintenance and easy to handle in warehouses. The high surface friction makes wooden pallets stable and not slippery.

Finally, in terms of not only environmental impact but also the price-quality ratio, wooden pallets are probably the best choice compared to pallets made from other materials.