Custom pallets a valuable choice!

Custom pallets a valuable choice!

Custom made pallets is a type of pallets that are manufactured according to individual product parameters. It comes with various materials, designs, and a wide application range. Let’s talk about why businesses should consider choosing custom made wooden pallets over standard or made of other materials pallets.  

Standard pallets do not always meet business needs

Standard pallets are quite versatile and designed to meet the product storage and transportation needs for most businesses. Their dimensions vary depending on region and industry, but all standard pallet sizes are precisely determined and defined by International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

While standard pallets are an excellent choice for many businesses, some may require different product storage solutions.

If the products do not meet standard measurements (f. e., they are triangular in shape or weigh more), they will not efficiently fill standard pallets. As a result, smaller quantity of products will be stored, or product packaging will require higher costs.

Custom made pallets does not only allow to store non-standard size and shape products in a most efficient way, but also helps to save on transportation expenses.

Wooden pallets – durable and eco-friendly alternative

Wood is the most popular material used to make pallets, and for a good reason.  

Firstly, specially grown trees are usually used for the production of wooden pallets, so natural resources are not overused. In other cases, manufactures are often responsible for replanting trees.

Secondly, unlike plastic, which pallets are often made from, wood is natural, biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Wooden pallets can be easily repaired and recycled. They stand out for their durability, flexibility and high quality.

Additionally, custom made wooden pallets typically are easy and quick to manufacture, so their production does not require lot of other resources.

How to choose custom wooden pallets?

If you are considering purchasing custom made wooden pallets, do not hesitate to consult with trusted professionals and compare offers from different manufacturers. Always take into account the quantity of products you plan to store or transport in the long term.

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